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New Installations

Incorportaing a lift installation within a new development is a major investment and will have an impact on the function and value of the finished building. The market can offer a wide range of products covering different technologies and price ranges, but its difficult to compare or identify best value.

The correct selection should to take into account the buildings configuration and the needs of the intended users, to ensure the final installation is fit for purpose and adds value to the building and its overall operation.

Stonewood can undertake a full assessment of the building, its intended use, and propose solutions which will provide the correct lift/s, operating within appropriate speed and capacity.

Stonewood can produce specifications and undertake tender processes to ensure that the selection of the final product meets the required criteria, and provides best value; meeting the overall projects budget and programme.

Additionally, Stonewood can provide a full project management service incorporating all aspects from pre-start meetings to final inspections and acceptance, including regular site progress visits, programme reviews and financial applications.