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Lifts have a limited lifespan, with key components becoming excessively worn, unreliable and obsolete, additionally standards change overtime, leaving existing lifts falling below current standards and best practice.

Stonewood’s knowledge and experience of the industry, and the products available, enables us to identify what works are required to meet the challenges experienced and compile a detailed, robust specification to cover the scope required to provide compliance within the available budget.

We can tender the project to competent, reliable and safe contractors that have a sound track record, and compare returns for completeness and compliance, ensuring like for like attributes are identified and variations fully costed for accurate appraisal.

Should the project proceed, Stonewood can provide a full project management  service incorporating all aspects from pre-start meetings to final inspections and acceptance, including regular site progress visits, programme reviews and financial applications. Our overall aim, to deliver the project on-time, on-budget and fully compliant to the specification.